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Winterize Your Golf Cart for Year-Round Use

Winterize your golf cart, so it does not have to spend the snow season hiding in the garage under all the stored pool and patio gear! Sure, you are not likely to be playing much golf for the next few months, but you can still get plenty of use and enjoyment out of your golf cart.

Accessorize for Winter

There are several options you can add to your golf cart to make it comfortable and functional for cold weather. Stay warm and dry while leaving the car in the garage, and you can even ditch the snow shovel by putting your golf cart to work!

  • Golf Cart Enclosure – First off, you will need shelter! For the fastest installation, and easy removal during sunnier days, there is the zippered enclosure, which covers all of the open areas, keeping you dry and out of the wind. If you want a more permanent solution for all-weather use, you may want to consider a hard-side enclosure, like the Curtis Climate Control System, which uses swinging doors instead of zippers.
  • Heat – Now that you have got an enclosed space, you can enjoy the benefits of heat! With a catalytic heater, you can safely warm the interior space to keep your passengers and yourself comfortable, whether you are running errands or doing chores.
  • Snow Tires and Chains – Stay safe while driving on snow and ice with snow tires, and chains for even more extreme conditions.
  • SnowBlade – The SnowBlade system turns your golf cart into a snowplow for the winter, and is easily removed with a quick-release when the snow thaws. The powder-coated blade prevents rust and corrosion for years of service, and the surface sheds snow easily. The blade position is fully adjustable (left, right, center, up, down) and is spring-loaded to prevent damage, in case you run into a solid object while plowing. With SnowBlade mounted on a golf cart, you’ll be able to move 3-5 times as much snow as you would with a snow blower, and you won’t have to wrestle a tipping, annoying blower.
  • Automatic Salter/Sander – The SnowBlade system offers an electric salter/sander unit as an option, so you can prevent ice and improve traction as you go, instead of having to make a second pass later.

Enjoy Winter More

We’ll let you in on a little secret: With the right equipment, it is actually kind of fun to clear the sidewalks and walkways of snow. Better yet, you’ll be done more quickly, and ready to go build a snowman with the kids or sit in the warm house and sip cocoa by the fire. Intermountain Golf Cars carries a full selection of snow accessories to help you make the most of your investment and winterize your golf cart!


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