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When is The Right Time to Buy a New Golf Cart?

If you are looking to buy a golf cart, whether you want a new one that was previously unowned or one that was used, spring is the best time to make the move. Whether you buy from a private owner or dealer, you may find the best selection at this time the year, especially among preowned models.

Great Deals from Private Owners

In the spring, many snowbirds return home, often with the knowledge that they may not return for seasonal living. With families in the North, they may opt for spending more time with their families, so they put their golf carts on the market. Even permanent residents may seek to upgrade at this time of the year and decide to sell their old vehicle themselves rather than turning it in. While purchasing from a dealer has advantages for most buyers, some prefer the lower prices that they can often get if they buy from individuals instead of dealers.

Benefit from Golf Cart Trade-ins

During the early spring, used golf carts spring up on dealer lots like daffodils and tulips – in great supply and in a variety of colors.

Why? During the winter, golf courses and other entities that utilize large quantities of golf cars turn in their whole fleet in pursuit of new vehicles. High-end golf courses want to offer their sportsmen vehicles that are free of dents and free of the maintenance that may be involved with older units. Every four or five years, they go shopping for new units at the time of the year when off course usage is down.

These units offer excellent values for residential buyers, as well as small business buyers. Even though the owners may trade them in to prevent having to make a major investment in them, most of the carts have been on service contracts, which means that they have been well-maintained during their previous ownership. When a vehicle comes in for a trade, a good dealer will refurbish them to make sure that they run and look great.

Shop Now for the Best Choice

The big advantage you will have if you visit a dealer in the spring is that you will have the first pick of the refurbished trade-ins. You might find one that has just the accessories you want; if not, you will have time to get your new golf car decked out as you want it.

You will also get the best choice of color early in the season. The rule of thumb in the golf cart industry is that if you want a sedate beige vehicle, wait till the summer. If you want an attractive model in white, gray, blue, black, or green, shopping early pays off.

When you are looking for the best in new and used golf carts, visit Intermountain Golf Cars today.


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