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Why Club Car Brand Is The Top Golf Carts On The Market

Thinking of buying a golf cart? Club Car is considered the premier cart on the market, whether you are looking for a vehicle for playing golf, transportation around your community, or a utility cart. Available in both electric and low-emission gas vehicles, Club Cars offer more than 40 base models that can be customised with many options that make them suitable for the needs of most buyers.

First built in 1982 in Augusta, Georgia, where the Masters Golf Tournament is held, the Club Car started out as a prestigious, well-designed vehicle that was innovative throughout. While it might have initially captured interest because people tie into the famous golf event, it has been the constant level of quality that has continued to capture people’s interests. The carts remain trendy by adding new technology while keeping what has worked effectively over the years.

The Key Components of a Club Car

  • Powerful engine.
    • The original Club Car engine was a Kawasaki FZ340 9 horsepower engine that was replaced in 1992 by the more powerful 286 cc FE290 9 horsepower engine. Due to a change in transaxles, the company changed the engine’s rotation for increased displacement, a trend that has continued. Currently, the engine has continually met and exceeded SAE J1940 standards for small engine performance.Today, the company offers a Kawasaki FA 350 11.5 horsepower and the FE 400 13 horsepower engine to allow for needed power on both utility vehicles and golf carts.
  • Frame.
    • The I-beam frame system used in the early Club Cars is still in use today. Current gas models use four beams that span the length of the vehicle and have a lateral and vertical bend, while electric models use two beams that span the length of the vehicle. This design yields a sturdy, strong frame with fewer welds.
  • Body.
    • The 1982 Club Car body had plastic front panels and fiberglass rear body panels that were redesigned and replaced by ArmorFlex in 1993 to be stronger, smoother, and stiffer than rival vehicles. Although the panels were built to withstand abuse, they had a tendency to break rather than bend with continual impact. In 2003, the company’s mindset of continuous improvement led them to incorporate Suralyn material on many models; the flexible, durable material features built in color that requires no paint.
  • Suspension.
    • For most of its history, the suspension has utilized leaf springs on the bottom and a delta shock tower assembly on the top that eliminates the need for coil-over shocks, struts, or double wishbone suspension. This simple arrangement has proved durable and easy to manufacture and maintain.

A Quality Line with Many Choices

The original models released in the 1980s have expanded to a line of personal and commercial vehicles that include street legal models as well as some designed for use on grassy golf courses or unpaved private property. Many of the commercial models are intended to serve as people movers or as the base of modified vehicles used as refreshment trucks or for other special uses. All models have a variety of accessories that expand their usefulness.

This versatility, coupled with the classic quality of the Club Car is why Intermountain Golf Cars is a proud distributor and service center for the brand.


Renting A Golf Cart For A Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion or getaway? If so, renting a golf cart – or several of them – can be a great way to attend to the transportation needs of your guests. Family trips often involve people of all ages with differing abilities to navigate the terrain at parks, resorts, and other locales. A golf cart that accommodates a couple people or even small groups of six or eight can make life easier for Grandma Helen and Aunt Edna as well as Cousin Tammy and the twins as they move between events.

Provide Access to All by Renting a Golf Cart

Renting a golf cart is not a cheap endeavor, but it provides a way of getting around areas where no other motor vehicle can go. With tires wider than a wheelchair, it can move over muddy terrain without fear of getting stuck. When unlevel ground can pose hazards for older guests, the golf cart can safely maneuver through the terrain. A two or four passenger model is even compact enough that a guess with minimal mobility could drive or be driven around to visit with different groups of family members without even having to get out of the cart.

Most golf carts have some storage space as well as seating to accommodate picnic gear, wheelchairs, strollers, and other things your guests need. This extra convenience will not only save those with mobility aids and baby gear from walking, but will make transporting cumbersome items easier, too. If you are responsible for setting up the space before attendees arrive, you will find it handy to be able to move through the area with all supplies needed on board.

Rental golf carts are available in gas powered or electric models. Many are not licensed for use on streets, but are great for traversing private property of all types. For the safety of your guests, they are equipped with seatbelts, and if you are planning to transport a guest in a wheelchair, you can even rent a model with wheelchair locks to ensure safety.

More Than Transportation

Aside from transporting guests, renting a golf cart can provide you with a hospitality cart that brings food and beverages to people spread around the venue. Units with refrigerator compartments are great for offering cold beer or soft drinks, while you can even rent a specialty unit for dispensing hotdogs or ice cream.

Companies that rent golf carts can often find you just what you need to make transportation at your family reunion or other event easy. For information about renting a golf cart for guests, or a hospitality or utility cart for moving food or supplies, contact Intermountain Golf Cars today.


ADA-Approved Carts for Drivers and Passengers with Mobility Issues

ADA-approved carts are a necessity to assist disabled passengers at hotels, airports, hospitals, and other public places, as well as to permit passengers with disabilities to easily utilize golf courses and other public and private places. The carts themselves are an important way to assure access, but making sure that the carts meet ADA requirements is crucial. Some features are important to disabled drivers, while others are specific to passengers.

Accessibility is the Law

Recent laws have made it important for golf courses and other facilities to both have accessible carts on hand for people to use, and to permit people to bring their own carts to the property. Regulations from the ADA in 2012 mandated that courses allow access to courses and most other parts of the greens unless the grounds are so slippery and muddy that they designate that carts must only use certain paths. Handicapped-accessible carts allow even those who are physically challenged to enjoy the sport and remain mobile within a community.

ADA-Approved Carts for Drivers

A person with physical challenges has some needs that the carts must meet:

They should have a wheelchair ramp with the proper slope to allow a person in a power or manual chair to easily access the vehicle.

Alternatively, there should be an automatic hydraulically-operated wheelchair lift, protected by a raised lip on both sides and anti-slip coating to prevent slipping, even in wet weather.

They should have safety locks to hold the chair in place, in both the driver and passenger position, to prevent rolling out of place during movement. As some units are designed for multiple wheelchairs, adequate hardware on board must ensure safe and proper placement for all passengers in wheelchairs.

The sides should be railed for safety to prevent ejection from the cart during turns or travel on unlevel ground.

For vehicles to be operated by a person with disabilities, the controls should be well labeled and ergonomically arranged for easy use and access. When possible, joystick controls are in place to make operation more manageable.

Accessible Hospitality Shuttles

In many facilities, where management provides shuttles for guests, many of the same accessibility and safety features are important to have on the carts. Having ramps and lifts enable guests to enter the vehicle, often on their own without a need for much help. For guests with some mobility, having wheelchair storage in the back is essential to mobility once they reach their destination. The driver will fasten the safety locks for those who board in their chairs, while stowing the chairs not needed to sit on the vehicle.

A guest shuttle may often have other safety features such as seatbelts, double rearview mirrors, windshields, weather enclosures, operational lights, and backup assistance that protects all passengers.

Finding ADA-Approved Carts

Many models of golf carts are easily modified to meet the requirements of passengers with mobility issues, and dealerships like Intermountain Golf Cars in Utah can help you obtain new or used ADA-approved carts. Contact us to learn more about our new and used ADA-approved carts for sale.


Food Cart Modifications For Golf Carts

Join the food cart revolution with an on-property or street legal golf cart. Often used to provide food service on the golf course, carts are versatile vehicles that can easily be modified for carrying food and are an asset for any catering need. Whether you work with your dealer on the modifications or take your cart to a third-party to add in the cooking or cold storage capabilities you need, you are ready to participate in neighborhood events involving food trucks or even make deliveries for your business.

Turning a Golf Cart into a Food Cart

There are many ways that a properly equipped golf cart can do the job of transporting food. By adding a simple cooler, the cart is ready to transport soft drinks and even ice cream to the links or to an event on the property. With a café express addition or hot dog cart, you can be the hit of street fairs with a mobile storefront featuring popular favorites. By equipping the vehicle with a cash box, you can make conducting business safe and easy.

Equipped with a food service box, you can deliver a truck full of box lunches, party trays, pizzas, or desserts to any location, with the knowledge that everything will stay right side up and properly positioned.

Making Your Vehicle Street Legal

Many vehicles of this type are intended to be used on private property, but making them street legal with proper safety devices can increase their versatility. They are always intended to operate at low speed; with the additional of proper lights, turn signals, a windshield, reflectors, and parking brake, they can move to another location via public roads. This is especially useful if you want to sell food at an event or to the general public.

If you are looking for a street legal or on-site golf cart that will serve as a food cart, your local dealer can often help you, either by providing the basic unit or by installing the accessories you need. Your dealer can provide you with a new or used vehicle, and may even have some basic modified vehicles for rent so you can get the feel of driving a food cart.

Dependable Service from your Dealer

While the food cart equipment may require special service, your dealer can continue to service your vehicle. Keeping your golf cart in good condition is even more important when your business depends on it, and when you may be working a good distance from your home.

If you are looking for a golf cart for the food cart scene, Intermountain Golf Cars can help. With a wide selection of new and used vehicles for sale and rent, plus an excellent service department, you can conveniently buy, maintain and repair your golf cart turned food cart.


Selecting The Right Hospitality Vehicles For Your Business

Selecting The Right Hospitality Vehicles For Your Business
Having hospitality vehicles is one thing that distinguishes an average hotel, resort, golf course, or other venue from a great one. Powered by gas or electricity, these small vehicles based on the design of golf carts are commonly used for transporting people, luggage, and supplies from place to place. In selecting on for your business, you have many choices.

What Industries Use Hospitality Vehicles

Hospitality vehicles are often in use by many industries to serve a variety of functions:

  • Hotels and resorts transport guests from the main building to their quarters, use them for property maintenance, and may use them to transport laundry and supplies between buildings.
  • Colleges and universities use them as security vehicles, to take students to their cars, to transports potential students around campus on tours, and as staff transportation between buildings.
  • Security companies and neighborhood patrols use them in patrolling property and in carrying needed equipment with them.
  • Entertainment venues use them to take guests from the parking lot to the location of the wedding, reception or other event on the property.
  • Landscaping, construction, and maintenance companies use to them get workers, supervisors, and inspectors to a site, complete with equipment they will need to do the job.
  • Golf courses use them to take beverages and snacks to golfers in play.

What to Consider when Buying Hospitality Vehicles

There are several things to consider if you are buying one or more hospitality vehicles for your business:

  • Capacity. While 2-8 person vehicles are common, some vehicles accommodate even more people, an advantage when transporting groups of people that allows you to cut down on trips.
  • Comfort. Depending on the width and type of tires, the vehicles offer passengers a comfortable ride. You can also outfit the carts with accessories such as canopies, hard tops, windows and doors, and weather enclosures.
  • Street legal. Equipped with proper safety equipment, such as seat belts, signaling devices, and lights, most electric hospitality vehicles are street legal to operate on certain types of public roads, in addition to private property.
  • Fuel Choice. Electric powered vehicles are easy to maintain and are often the choice for when the carts are mainly used for passengers. Gas powered models can carry more cargo and navigate more challenging terrain and are often the choice of maintenance crews.
  • Cargo capacity. Hospitality vehicles have numerous, customizable configurations for carrying luggage, supplies, and tools.
  • Cost to operate. Many electric vehicles cost as little as $0.03 cents per mile to operate, while the rising cost of fuel makes gas units cost more.
  • Special needs. The carts can be customized with refrigerated compartments to carry refreshments to guests on the property, or equipped as emergency vehicles with stretchers and other equipment to transport injured guests.

When selecting hospitality vehicles, look to Intermountain Golf Cars for a good selection of carts to help your business operate more efficiently.


Golf Cart Safety Issues and Rules

The increase in the prevalence of golf carts makes golf cart safety more important than ever. Originally designed for use on the golf course, the vehicles are now used at sporting events, on college campuses, at malls, as a form of transportation in senior communities and other residential developments, and sometimes even on roadways of the surrounding areas. This development draws attention to safety issues that must be addressed.

Golf Carts vs. NEVs

To clarify, a golf cart is a gas or electric-powered vehicle that has a top speed of less than 20 miles per hour. Some small electric-powered vehicles that can achieve speeds of 25 mph or more are properly called NEVs or Neighborhood Electronic Vehicles, even though they are still often called “golf carts.” This distinction is important as a confusing mix of federal, state, and local laws pertain to them.

Basic golf carts built for low-speed usage are not built for the road. They often lack safety features, such as seatbelts, and may lack windshields, brake lights, rear wheel brakes, turn signals, and other devices designed to protect the drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. No driver’s license is required, and even drivers who cannot get a state license due to DUIs or medical conditions can drive a golf cart in a residential community.

Golf Cart Injuries

Common accidents include falling off the cart, especially from rear-facing ones, and being ejected at speeds as low as 11 mph when the driver makes a turn or loses control on hilly terrain. Over 1/3 of the injuries occurred among children, often because they jumped or fell off the cart. Because golf cart accidents and resulting injuries do occur, it highlights the need to follow basic rules for golf cart safety.

Observe the Rules for Golf Cart Safety

NEV vehicles are built to be safer and have licensing requirements. They are considered road-worthy in many communities, although they must follow safety rules, stay on roads where the speed limits are low, and stay in the right lane.

When you buy a new golf cart, whether it is for the course or it is a NEV for the street, keep golf cart safety in mind. Make sure you know how to drive your vehicle and familiarize yourself with the rules that apply to the type of cart you buy.

If you are shopping for a golf cart, trust your business to a local shop that carries a wide variety of golf carts and NEVs, and one that is concerned with your safety, too. Before you leave with your new vehicle, the staff should make sure you know how to use it correctly and familiarize you with golf cart safety rules.

Snowblade Model By Manufacturer

Freight Not Included
SB407548 4X4 48″ Actuator For Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver $1,118
SB407556 4X4 56″ Actuator For Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver $1,118
SB407564 4X4 64″ Actuator For Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver $1,236
SB407548W 4X4 48″ Winch For Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver $ 842
SB407556W 4X4 56″ Winch For Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver $ 842
SB407564W 4X4 64″ Winch For Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver $ 930
SB401348 Club Car DS 48″ Actuator Club Car DS,XRT 900, Carryall $1,226
SB401356 Club Car DS 56″ Actuator Club Car DS,XRT 900, Carryall $1,226
SB401348W Club Car DS 48″ Winch Club Car DS,XRT 900, Carryall $ 919
SB401356W Club Car DS 56″ Winch Club Car DS,XRT 900, Carryall $ 919
SB401448 Club Car Precedent 48″ Actuator Club Car Precedent $1,227
SB401456 Club Car Precedent 56″ Actuator Club Car Precedent $1,227
SB401448W Club Car Precedent 48″ Winch Club Car Precedent $ 921
SB401456W Club Car Precedent 56″ Winch Club Car Precedent $ 921
SB401748 Club Car XRT950 48″ Actuator Club Car XRT 950 $1,250
SB401756 Club Car XRT950 56″ Actuator Club Car XRT 950 $1,250
SB401764 Club Car XRT950 64″ Actuator Club Car XRT 950 $1,338
SB401748W Club Car XRT950 48″ Winch Club Car XRT 950 $ 951
SB401756W Club Car XRT950 56″ Winch Club Car XRT 950 $ 951
SB401764W Club Car XRT950 64″ Winch Club Car XRT 950 $1,031
SB407048 Club Car Carryall 48″ Actuator Club Car Carryall 300,500,700 $1,217
SB407056 Club Car Carryall 56″ Actuator Club Car Carryall 300,500,700 $1,217
SB407048W Club Car Carryall 48″ Winch Club Car Carryall 300,500,700 $ 910
SB407056W Club Car Carryall 56″ Winch Club Car Carryall 300,500,700 $ 910
SB402448 EZ-GO 48″ Actuator EZ-GO TXT,MedalistST350,Sport2,Workhorse,ST400 $1,253
SB402456 EZ-GO 56″ Actuator EZ-GO TXT,Medalist,ST350,Sport2,Workhorse,ST400 $1,253
SB402448W EZ-GO 48″ Winch EZ-GO TXT,Medalist,ST350,Sport2,Workhorse,ST400 $ 946
SB402456W EZ-GO 56″ Winch EZ-GO TXT,Medalist,ST350,Sport2,Workhorse,ST400 $ 946
SB402348 EZ-GO RXV 48″ Actuator EZ-GO RXV $1,219
SB402356 EZ-GO RXV 56″ Actuator EZ-GO RXV $1,219
SB402348W EZ-GO RXV 48″ Winch EZ-GO RXV $912
SB402356W EZ-GO RXV 56″ Winch EZ-GO RXV $912
SB401848 Yamaha 48″ Actuator Yamaha G2-G19,05 UMAX, G23,G28 $1,187
SB401856 Yamaha 56″ Actuator Yamaha G2-G19,05 UMAX, G23,G28 $1,187
SB401848W Yamaha 48″ Winch Yamaha G2-G19,05 UMAX, G23,G28 $881
SB401856W Yamaha 56″ Winch Yamaha G2-G19,05 UMAX, G23,G28 $881
SB401948 Yamaha YDR 48″ Actuator Yamaha YDR $1,304
SB401956 Yamaha YDR 56″ Actuator Yamaha YDR $1,304
SB401948W Yamaha YDR 48″ Winch Yamaha YDR $998
SB401956W Yamaha YDR 56″ Winch Yamaha YDR $998
SB402148 Yamaha G22 48″ Actuator Yamaha GMAX G22 $1,293
SB402156 Yamaha G22 56″ Actuator Yamaha GMAX G22 $1,293
SB402148W Yamaha G22 48″ Winch Yamaha GMAX G22 $987
SB402156W Yamaha G22 56″ Winch Yamaha GMAX G22 $987


SP4003-48 Wear Blade 48″ $   37.50
SP4003-56 Wear Blade 56″ $   47.42
SP4003-64 Wear Blade 64″ $   52.36
SP4001-48 Poly Wear Blade 48″ $   55.74
SP4001-56 Poly Wear Blade 56″ $   68.40
SP4001-64 Poly Wear Blade 64″ $   68.40
SP4050-48 Plow Blade 48″ (Blade Only) $   133.00
SP4050-56 Plow Blade 56″ (Blade Only) $   142.70
SP4050-64 Plow Blade 64″ (Blade Only) $   178.70
SP4061 Spring Mount Bracket $   6.78
SP4066 Left Hand Hinge $   10.68
SP4067 Right Hand Hinge $   10.68
SP4065 Indexing Plate $   135.42
SP4017 A-Frame $   120.24
SP4007 Universal Mount $    73.82
SP4006 Lifting Arm $   25.78
SP4080 12 Link Chain $  .76
442-6503 Chain Quick Link $   1.04
442-1000 Actuator $   398.00
SP4004 Red Spring $   13.02
442-61013 Eye Bolt $  2.30
SP4045 2″ Offset Adapter $  116.88
SP4019 Indexing Pin $  15.26
SP4005 Indexing Pin Spring $  2.70
SP4040 Hand Switch $  45.62
SP4033 Power Wire $  11.42
SP4046 Wear Foot $  15.78
SP4091 Club Car DS Receiver $  79.50
SP4073 Club Car Precedent Receiver $  77.00
SP4093 Club Car XRT 950 Receiver $  101.12
SP4099 Club Car Carryall 300,500,700 $  69.64
SP4096 EZ-GO RXV Receiver $  70.82
SP4097 EZ-GO Receiver $  86.80
SP4026 Yamaha G-Max Receiver $  152.00
SP4098 Yamaha G-2 – G-19 Receiver $  40.80
SP4095 Yamaha YDR Reciever  $ 164.00
SP4048 Heavy Duty Wear Foot $  72.30
SP4047 Heavy Duty Wear Foot Bracket $  41.30
SP4015 Winch Bracket $  36.32
SP1500-1 Winch $  120.00

Click on Image to Enlarge






48″ = $37.50

56″ = $47.42

64″ = $52.36

Click on Image to Enlarge






48″ = $133.00

56″ = $142.70

64″ = $178.70




$ 6.78





$ 10.68




$ 135.42




$ 120.24




$ 13.02




$ 15.26



Indexing Pin

$ 2.70




$ 398.00




$ 73.82




$ 25.78




$ 116.88



































YAMAHA G-2 – G-19





$72.30 EA






Traction Tire


442-1886 ( White Rim )
442-1887 ( Beige Rim )
442-1888 ( Gray Rim )


Golf Cart Cover


MJGC8000S ( 2 Passenger ) $79.00
MJGC8000L ( 4 Passenger ) $99.00


Hard Latching Enclosures

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