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Freight Not Included
SB4075484X448″ ActuatorFor Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver$1,118
SB4075564X456″ ActuatorFor Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver$1,118
SB4075644X464″ ActuatorFor Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver$1,236
SB407548W4X448″ WinchFor Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver$ 842
SB407556W4X456″ WinchFor Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver$ 842
SB407564W4X464″ WinchFor Cars With Existing 2″ Receiver$ 930
SB401348Club Car DS48″ ActuatorClub Car DS,XRT 900, Carryall$1,226
SB401356Club Car DS56″ ActuatorClub Car DS,XRT 900, Carryall$1,226
SB401348WClub Car DS48″ WinchClub Car DS,XRT 900, Carryall$ 919
SB401356WClub Car DS56″ WinchClub Car DS,XRT 900, Carryall$ 919
SB401448Club Car Precedent48″ ActuatorClub Car Precedent$1,227
SB401456Club Car Precedent56″ ActuatorClub Car Precedent$1,227
SB401448WClub Car Precedent48″ WinchClub Car Precedent$ 921
SB401456WClub Car Precedent56″ WinchClub Car Precedent$ 921
SB401748Club Car XRT95048″ ActuatorClub Car XRT 950$1,250
SB401756Club Car XRT95056″ ActuatorClub Car XRT 950$1,250
SB401764Club Car XRT95064″ ActuatorClub Car XRT 950$1,338
SB401748WClub Car XRT95048″ WinchClub Car XRT 950$ 951
SB401756WClub Car XRT95056″ WinchClub Car XRT 950$ 951
SB401764WClub Car XRT95064″ WinchClub Car XRT 950$1,031
SB407048Club Car Carryall48″ ActuatorClub Car Carryall 300,500,700$1,217
SB407056Club Car Carryall56″ ActuatorClub Car Carryall 300,500,700$1,217
SB407048WClub Car Carryall48″ WinchClub Car Carryall 300,500,700$ 910
SB407056WClub Car Carryall56″ WinchClub Car Carryall 300,500,700$ 910
SB402448EZ-GO48″ ActuatorEZ-GO TXT,MedalistST350,Sport2,Workhorse,ST400$1,253
SB402456EZ-GO56″ ActuatorEZ-GO TXT,Medalist,ST350,Sport2,Workhorse,ST400$1,253
SB402448WEZ-GO48″ WinchEZ-GO TXT,Medalist,ST350,Sport2,Workhorse,ST400$ 946
SB402456WEZ-GO56″ WinchEZ-GO TXT,Medalist,ST350,Sport2,Workhorse,ST400$ 946
SB402348EZ-GO RXV48″ ActuatorEZ-GO RXV$1,219
SB402356EZ-GO RXV56″ ActuatorEZ-GO RXV$1,219
SB402348WEZ-GO RXV48″ WinchEZ-GO RXV$912
SB402356WEZ-GO RXV56″ WinchEZ-GO RXV$912
SB401848Yamaha48″ ActuatorYamaha G2-G19,05 UMAX, G23,G28$1,187
SB401856Yamaha56″ ActuatorYamaha G2-G19,05 UMAX, G23,G28$1,187
SB401848WYamaha48″ WinchYamaha G2-G19,05 UMAX, G23,G28$881
SB401856WYamaha56″ WinchYamaha G2-G19,05 UMAX, G23,G28$881
SB401948Yamaha YDR48″ ActuatorYamaha YDR$1,304
SB401956Yamaha YDR56″ ActuatorYamaha YDR$1,304
SB401948WYamaha YDR48″ WinchYamaha YDR$998
SB401956WYamaha YDR56″ WinchYamaha YDR$998
SB402148Yamaha G2248″ ActuatorYamaha GMAX G22$1,293
SB402156Yamaha G2256″ ActuatorYamaha GMAX G22$1,293
SB402148WYamaha G2248″ WinchYamaha GMAX G22$987
SB402156WYamaha G2256″ WinchYamaha GMAX G22$987


Hard Latching Enclosures

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