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Security Golf Carts for Best Value and Versatility

Security golf carts offer the most versatile range of options available when it comes to selecting vehicles for your security staff. Whether your company occupies a single building or a sprawling campus, you’ll find that golf carts give an excellent return on your company’s investment.

Do-It-All Carts

Your security golf carts need to be reliable transportation for your security team to keep your property safe, but what else do you need them to do?

If you’ve got a large campus, your security team may be responsible for transporting VIPs or transporting people with physical disabilities. Golf carts can carry up to six passengers, and have options like zippered enclosures to protect passengers from rain and wind, or a totally enclosed climate control system with substantial doors and windows, for more severe weather conditions.

Security golf carts can also be configured with a cargo box or a flatbed, so your staff can always be at the ready with first aid supplies and a defibrillator, and they can carry urgent deliveries or emergency supplies whenever you need.

Street Legal Options

If your company has multiple locations, security golf carts can allow your staff to move from one to another quickly and efficiently, with some options that make them legal to drive on city streets. Because golf carts require far less maintenance than trucks and cars, they’re a more economical option if your security team needs to drive on surface streets.

Greener Transportation

Today’s companies are working toward becoming more environmentally conscious. Security golf carts are a perfect solution for reducing pollution and energy use without sacrificing utility. With a range of about 150 miles per tank, gas golf carts have the advantage of always being ready: No downtime for charging.

Their modern 4-cycle engines sip gas daintily, and their emissions are far cleaner than in previous generations. They’re also safer and cleaner to refuel, because you no longer need to mix gas and oil before refilling.

Zero-emission electric golf carts are greener still, and are an ideal solution for many companies. A typical electric golf cart will run 30 miles on a charge (the exact range depends upon the specific batteries, and factors like the weight being carried and terrain being driven). The batteries in an electric golf cart last between four and six years, with proper maintenance, and they get recycled after they’re removed from service.

Get Complete Support

A good dealership makes all the difference when it comes to getting the best performance and value out of your cart fleet. At Intermountain Golf Cars, you’ll get complete support, with everything from new and used cart sales, and a full range of options and configurations for security golf carts.


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