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Renting A Golf Cart For A Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion or getaway? If so, renting a golf cart – or several of them – can be a great way to attend to the transportation needs of your guests. Family trips often involve people of all ages with differing abilities to navigate the terrain at parks, resorts, and other locales. A golf cart that accommodates a couple people or even small groups of six or eight can make life easier for Grandma Helen and Aunt Edna as well as Cousin Tammy and the twins as they move between events.

Provide Access to All by Renting a Golf Cart

Renting a golf cart is not a cheap endeavor, but it provides a way of getting around areas where no other motor vehicle can go. With tires wider than a wheelchair, it can move over muddy terrain without fear of getting stuck. When unlevel ground can pose hazards for older guests, the golf cart can safely maneuver through the terrain. A two or four passenger model is even compact enough that a guess with minimal mobility could drive or be driven around to visit with different groups of family members without even having to get out of the cart.

Most golf carts have some storage space as well as seating to accommodate picnic gear, wheelchairs, strollers, and other things your guests need. This extra convenience will not only save those with mobility aids and baby gear from walking, but will make transporting cumbersome items easier, too. If you are responsible for setting up the space before attendees arrive, you will find it handy to be able to move through the area with all supplies needed on board.

Rental golf carts are available in gas powered or electric models. Many are not licensed for use on streets, but are great for traversing private property of all types. For the safety of your guests, they are equipped with seatbelts, and if you are planning to transport a guest in a wheelchair, you can even rent a model with wheelchair locks to ensure safety.

More Than Transportation

Aside from transporting guests, renting a golf cart can provide you with a hospitality cart that brings food and beverages to people spread around the venue. Units with refrigerator compartments are great for offering cold beer or soft drinks, while you can even rent a specialty unit for dispensing hotdogs or ice cream.

Companies that rent golf carts can often find you just what you need to make transportation at your family reunion or other event easy. For information about renting a golf cart for guests, or a hospitality or utility cart for moving food or supplies, contact Intermountain Golf Cars today.


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