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Is Living in a Golf Cart Community Right for You?

For many seniors, living in a golf cart community offers many advantages that start with nearness to their favorite sport. Those who love playing golf and other sports on or near the course can live onsite in a housing community that includes many services and amenities they need. Often, the mode of transportation within the community is a golf cart, the ultimate commuter vehicle.

Carts Offer Convenience in a Golf Cart Community

For residents, having a golf cart offers great mobility options within the complex, as well as many advantages. As they can drive their vehicle from home to the golf course in a matter of minutes often without having to transverse public streets, a cart allows residents to live and play the way they want to. Many golf course communities have grocery stores health services, other retail shopping opportunities and entertainment within them.

Vehicles intended to be driven only within the complex may not, depending on state law, require the driver’s license as you would need to drive a car. The potential lack of licensing does not relieve the need for safety within the community; carts that are that are street legal may require a driver’s license. However, for some residents, who have lost their license due to physical impairment or other problems, the looser licensing restrictions means they can retain their independence while having to go far to access to the services they need. The golf cart does have to be registered by having a license plate and needs to be covered by insurance.

Cost Advantages of Golf Carts as Transportation

The cost of the golf cart are much less than a car or truck while offering options to customize the vehicle. Within the new and used market, there are plenty of available golf cart options that can start as low as $1,000 for a preowned model or between $6,000 low and $10,000 for a brand-new one. Either way, the costs are much less than a car or truck.

The models can be upgraded with special tires, radios, custom paint, roofs and doors to enclose them from inclement weather and even retrofitted for wheelchair-bound drivers and passengers. In some well-known communities, such as The Villages in Florida, many residents add additional custom features to make them go faster and perform better. Depending on the locale, the carts can be outfitted with safety features that make them street legal.

Electric golf carts are economical to run as does not cost much to charge them while replacing the battery every few years requires an expense of the six or $700. Even gasoline powered models cost less to operate than a car.

Find a Good Dealer

If the advantages of living in a golf community appeal to you, check with the community of interest before buying a cart to find out their rules and then visit Intermountain Golf Cars for the best vehicle for your needs.


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