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Golf Cars: Buy or Rent?

Golf cars can be a fantastic investment for those who hit the links at least once a week.

But for many people, renting is a better option. How can you decide which is right for you?

It all comes down to how much you’ll use the golf car and for how long. It’s tempting for a new golfer with deep pockets to go all out on equipment. The best clubs, the perfect clothes and accessories, and even a personal golf car are sure to get you deep into the golfing community, right?

Not necessarily, and quickly spending a lot on a new hobby can make you resent it. If you’re considering a golf car for your sport, it’s a good idea to golf at least once a week for a year before you start to shop around.

Benefits of Buying

Buying a golf car is akin to buying a regular car. It’s yours, so you can customize it as you like and you don’t have to worry constantly about hidden rental fees (some companies have them!), taxes or ensuring you return it on time.

At the same time, it’s not really yours, and in some cases there might be evidence left in your golf car by renters. Tiny scratches and other telltale signs can drive you crazy.

Buying your own golf car can be an investment and a means of bettering your sport, your business or your life.

Compared to commuter vehicles, golf cars require much less maintenance and upkeep. They’re built to withstand tough elements, and in some cases give owners renewed independence. For example, if you want a specialty car for getting around a large estate, it’s much more comfortable and leisurely than using a wheelchair.

Renting Rules

Renting a golf car is much more cost-effective if you only need one from time to time. It’s also the only option (unless you’re incredible wealthy) if you’re far from home and only need a golf car in a certain location for a set amount of time. Renting lets you try out a number of makes and models, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and at the end of the day, you know somebody else is going to take care of the insurance, storage and inspections.

Renting is also a fantastic way to test out models before buying your own. Maybe you’re sure you want a Precedent i2, but after test driving it, you think not. Perhaps the Signature Edition 4-passenger was never on your “to check out list,” but since you rented one, you’ve seen just how perfect it is for you.

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