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Golf Car Accessories Highlight: Climate Control

Choosing the golf car accessories for your new — or new to you — turf vehicle is exciting.

You want to make the most of your purchase, and the Curtis Climate Control add-on is the best way to do it. Available for either electric or gas vehicles, it instantly provides more usage options, whether your golf car is for personal or business purposes.

The StreetPro Cab Systems are high quality, easy to install and offer parallel doors with “swing-back door action,” enclosing the car instantly.

This feature protects you and passengers from the elements, which is ideal if you regularly take your car in the rain or snow. It also offers protection from the sun’s damaging rays, keeping riders more comfortable and safeguarding the interior from sun damage.

Nearly a must for golf cars used at airports, golf courses, retirement homes or any space where heading outdoors is necessary, it provides a touch of luxury while also extending the life of your investment.

Keep Covered

Only select dealerships are approved as authorized distributors of the innovative Curtis StreetPro Cab Systems, which are renowned for their sleek designs that increase the value of your turf vehicle.

Within the Curtis line, you’ll find a selection of styles sure to complement any golf car and every style. From the Precedent to the CarryAll lines and everything in between, adding a little extra coverage is the simplest way to get a better, more enjoyable and safer ride.

As an added bonus, adding coverage to your golf car enhances security. If anything is left inside, whether it’s a bag, costly clubs or even the keys, thieves may “see and snatch.” The cab system allows for a little more privacy, and it requires much more effort to snoop.

With a great feel and fit along with the famous Curtis reliability, it’s a popular addition when purchasing a new or gently loved golf cart.

Not Your Average Cover

Unlike golf car covers you may have seen before, the Curtis line features hard-shelled sides which don’t only look better but also provide better protection. It’s like comparing a soft-top convertible to a hard-top. It’s sturdier, the noise from the elements outside is decreased, and it lasts longer, especially in stressful environments.

Available in a variety of colors, the swing-back door turns your golf cart into an instant hatchback, making it easier to get in as well as take out and store items. Known as the finest golf cart enclosures on the market, a Curtis car will instantly stand out in all the right ways when you zip along your favorite course or take guests on tours.

The Curtis system is ideal for any location and region, but if you’re in an area prone to harsh weather, it’s nearly a requirement. To learn more about golf car accessories, including enclosures, contact Intermountain Golf Car today.


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