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Food Cart Modifications For Golf Carts

Join the food cart revolution with an on-property or street legal golf cart. Often used to provide food service on the golf course, carts are versatile vehicles that can easily be modified for carrying food and are an asset for any catering need. Whether you work with your dealer on the modifications or take your cart to a third-party to add in the cooking or cold storage capabilities you need, you are ready to participate in neighborhood events involving food trucks or even make deliveries for your business.

Turning a Golf Cart into a Food Cart

There are many ways that a properly equipped golf cart can do the job of transporting food. By adding a simple cooler, the cart is ready to transport soft drinks and even ice cream to the links or to an event on the property. With a café express addition or hot dog cart, you can be the hit of street fairs with a mobile storefront featuring popular favorites. By equipping the vehicle with a cash box, you can make conducting business safe and easy.

Equipped with a food service box, you can deliver a truck full of box lunches, party trays, pizzas, or desserts to any location, with the knowledge that everything will stay right side up and properly positioned.

Making Your Vehicle Street Legal

Many vehicles of this type are intended to be used on private property, but making them street legal with proper safety devices can increase their versatility. They are always intended to operate at low speed; with the additional of proper lights, turn signals, a windshield, reflectors, and parking brake, they can move to another location via public roads. This is especially useful if you want to sell food at an event or to the general public.

If you are looking for a street legal or on-site golf cart that will serve as a food cart, your local dealer can often help you, either by providing the basic unit or by installing the accessories you need. Your dealer can provide you with a new or used vehicle, and may even have some basic modified vehicles for rent so you can get the feel of driving a food cart.

Dependable Service from your Dealer

While the food cart equipment may require special service, your dealer can continue to service your vehicle. Keeping your golf cart in good condition is even more important when your business depends on it, and when you may be working a good distance from your home.

If you are looking for a golf cart for the food cart scene, Intermountain Golf Cars can help. With a wide selection of new and used vehicles for sale and rent, plus an excellent service department, you can conveniently buy, maintain and repair your golf cart turned food cart.


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