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ADA-Approved Carts for Drivers and Passengers with Mobility Issues

ADA-approved carts are a necessity to assist disabled passengers at hotels, airports, hospitals, and other public places, as well as to permit passengers with disabilities to easily utilize golf courses and other public and private places. The carts themselves are an important way to assure access, but making sure that the carts meet ADA requirements is crucial. Some features are important to disabled drivers, while others are specific to passengers.

Accessibility is the Law

Recent laws have made it important for golf courses and other facilities to both have accessible carts on hand for people to use, and to permit people to bring their own carts to the property. Regulations from the ADA in 2012 mandated that courses allow access to courses and most other parts of the greens unless the grounds are so slippery and muddy that they designate that carts must only use certain paths. Handicapped-accessible carts allow even those who are physically challenged to enjoy the sport and remain mobile within a community.

ADA-Approved Carts for Drivers

A person with physical challenges has some needs that the carts must meet:

They should have a wheelchair ramp with the proper slope to allow a person in a power or manual chair to easily access the vehicle.

Alternatively, there should be an automatic hydraulically-operated wheelchair lift, protected by a raised lip on both sides and anti-slip coating to prevent slipping, even in wet weather.

They should have safety locks to hold the chair in place, in both the driver and passenger position, to prevent rolling out of place during movement. As some units are designed for multiple wheelchairs, adequate hardware on board must ensure safe and proper placement for all passengers in wheelchairs.

The sides should be railed for safety to prevent ejection from the cart during turns or travel on unlevel ground.

For vehicles to be operated by a person with disabilities, the controls should be well labeled and ergonomically arranged for easy use and access. When possible, joystick controls are in place to make operation more manageable.

Accessible Hospitality Shuttles

In many facilities, where management provides shuttles for guests, many of the same accessibility and safety features are important to have on the carts. Having ramps and lifts enable guests to enter the vehicle, often on their own without a need for much help. For guests with some mobility, having wheelchair storage in the back is essential to mobility once they reach their destination. The driver will fasten the safety locks for those who board in their chairs, while stowing the chairs not needed to sit on the vehicle.

A guest shuttle may often have other safety features such as seatbelts, double rearview mirrors, windshields, weather enclosures, operational lights, and backup assistance that protects all passengers.

Finding ADA-Approved Carts

Many models of golf carts are easily modified to meet the requirements of passengers with mobility issues, and dealerships like Intermountain Golf Cars in Utah can help you obtain new or used ADA-approved carts. Contact us to learn more about our new and used ADA-approved carts for sale.


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